iA Presenter Micro-Review

I just finished beta testing the iA Presenter Markdown-based presentation software.

tl/dr: It’s really good! But it’s not for me.

What it is: A macOS app that enables you to quickly create great looking slideshow presentations using a slightly enhanced version of Markdown.

Why I liked it:

  • Delightfully easy to use
  • Gorgeous presentation defaults
  • Opinionated tutorial, teaches you to make better presentations

Why it’s not for me:

  • My workplace uses Google Slides.
  • I don’t create presentations except for work.
  • While iA Presenter can be used to create Markdown-based blog posts, it’s priced for professional users, which makes it too expensive for hobby use.

Anyway, I had fun using it, and I wish iA well in their launch and in their future endeavors.