2018 iPad Pro 12.9" Report

After weeks of research and thought, I bought a iPad Pro 12.9” 3rd Generation.

My impressions, based on a week’s use:

  • It’s too expensive, especially once you include the pencil and keyboard case.
  • It’s a significant improvement over the 1st generation iPad Pro 12.9”.
    • It’s physically much smaller.
    • The new keyboard is nicer.
    • The new pencil’s magnetic charger makes it much more useful than before, because now it’s always charged when I want to use it.
  • Flaws
    • The magnets holding the pencil to the iPad are too weak. It’s easy to knock the pencil off the edge of the iPad when picking it up or carrying it.
    • When the keyboard case is folded back, your hands touch the keys. This feels weird at first.
    • The hardware is held back by iOS 12 and Apple App Store limitations.

FWIW I think for most people the ordinary 2018 iPad, with a Logitech Crayon, would be a better purchase.

But I do enjoy using it!