Two thumbs up for DigiPen ProjectFun

I sent my kids to the DigiPen ProjectFun summer camp this year.

It’s expensive ($1400 for 10 days). It is very well run. My kids loved the experience, and they learned a lot about the topics (animation and game programming) they took.

The classes were structured as 7 days of instruction, 2-and-one-half days of final project, and then a demonstration on the afternoon of the last day.

FWIW I am well versed in both animation and game programming. I’ve tried to teach my kids these subject. They learned more from these courses than when I tried to teach them at home.

The instructors emailed me a detailed “what we did in class today” letter every day. I found it helpful to read the letter and use it to prompt discussion with my kids.

A nice side benefit is that my kids were exposed to relatable role models in the game industry, through the many DigiPen students who are helping run the camp. “Dad, everybody has nose rings.”

Only drawback: my kids now think less of my old games: “Dad, no offense, but your [1980’s vintage 8-bit era] game is kind of lame.”

I think this camp would be best for 5th-thru-10th graders. For a self- motivated older child it might be better to spend the money on computer hardware, software and books.